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On behalf of the Antall József Knowledge Centre, we are pleased to announce the second Budapest American Studies Forum, to be held on November 13-14, 2018.

This year, 16 students from European universities will be invited to Budapest — with all of their travel and accommodation expenses covered by us — to take part in two days of discussions and debates with four experts from the US (see the attached file for details). We are looking for active participation of students with thought-provoking views enrolled in BA or MA programmes in American Studies, Diplomacy, International Relations, Economics, or Political Science/Communication (or any relevant field).

The Budapest American Studies Forum was created to provide an exclusive platform bringing together youth from East-Central Europe with American decision-makers and notable experts to help them gain deeper insight into various issues related to the United Statesfind out how they can turn their education into a career, and establish relationships that will continue to inspire and aid them in their future work.


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