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Pavel Dufek, Ph.D.

assistant professor

I am a lecturer at the Department of Political Science, Masaryk University. My fields of interest are political theory/philosophy and international political theory; currently (March 2019), besides commencing work on my habilitation thesis, I am writing a paper on the proper placement of public reason among highest constitutional bodies in a liberal democracy. But more is coming, among others on separation of powers in democratic theory, public reason and law, or the changing landscape of the theory of political representation. Please check the Publications and In Progress sections to see what I have been up to! Also, the Teaching section gives some hints as to what I try to convey to my students at Masaryk University. Between 2008 and 2018, I was the Managing and later the Associate Editor of the journal Central European Political Studies Review.

Between 2016–2018, I held a research grant with my colleague Jiří Baroš titled Liberal Democracy in Times of Crisis, sponsored by the Czech Science Foundation. Many of the outputs mentioned around here are actually related to the project. Among other issues, we explored the possibility that this crisis is no less a crisis of contemporary political theory which does not take seriously the problem of pluralism and disagreement within its own ranks.

In 2019, another Czech Science Foundation reasearch grant commenced in which we will expand at some length on public reason and public justification – an issue area we repeatedly encountered in our previous reasearch. It is titled „Beyond Public Reason: Critiques and Defenses of the Liberal Agenda of Public Justification“, and we hope to contribute our part to this rapidly evolving – and I dare to say extremely important – field of philosophical reflection of politics.

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