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You should apply if:

  • you want to understand the causes (political and historical) of various (ongoing) conflicts.
  • you want to discover the means of overcoming crises and increasing (or maintaining) the quality of democracy
  • you want to understand how (state) power is distributed throughout the political structure.
  • you want to learn about the current state of discussion of democracy, new forms of authoritarianism, democratization, and security.
  • you are interested in relations between states, governments, supra- and sub-state institutions etc.
  • you want to know how propaganda works and what tools are used to disseminate information across nations.
  • you want to carry out your own research in the field of conflict and democracy studies.
  • you want to deepen your research skills (e.g. to gather, organize and understand data from both primary and secondary sources), to develop your soft skills (e.g., being able to identify, analyse, and advocate solutions for various situations) and independent critical thinking.
  • you are interested in current (global) politics, conflicts and discussions about the quality of democracy.
  • you want to understand how to evaluate the quality of democracy and how to improve it.
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