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The computer program ElectMach is software for the quantitative analysis of election data. The program, which works with data formats xls and csv (import and export), or with graphics formats png and eps (export), is designed for the calculation of advanced election result statistics (1. Indexes of effective number of parties – Rae, Herfindahl-Hirschmann, Laakso-Taagepera, Molinar, Dunleavy-Boucek, Banzhaf index, and ENRP; 2. Proportionality indexes - Loosemore-Hanby, Index of deformation, Gallagher’s index, Rae’s index, and Rose’s index, election simulations of mandate distribution (quotas: Hare, Hagenbach-Bischoff, Droop, Imperiali, Modified Imperiali, Hare-Niemayer, automatic; and divisor; d´Hondt, Imperiali, Sainte- Lagüe, Modified Sainte-Lagüe, Danish, and Huntington; and graphic methods (segmented Nagayama diagrams and simplex representation).

Lukáš Kutner took part in the software design.

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